The 5 Best Beaches of the Albanian Riviera

It seems the rest of Europe is only just waking up to the beauties of the Albanian coast. These undiscovered gems are sleepy, secluded and stunning. Instead of hotel complexes and thousands of tourists, you’ll find family-run guesthouses and kind locals, fresh seafood and the sweetest honey you’ll ever taste (seeing as the bees have the largest selection of flora and fauna in Europe). If you’re spending time in the south of Albania, any of these beaches are amazing for a day trip – make sure you stick around to see the sunset, because it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. 

1. Ksamil Beach/Ksamil Islands

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The stretch of Ksamil offers small and pristine beaches. You can spend your day on the coast, or take a boat out to the islands to cave-exploring. With turquoise water, white sands (and some of the best seafood linguine in Albania), Ksamil is known for its magical beauty. 

2. Gjipe Beach


The road to Gjipe Beach is rocky but the experience is worth it – the locals call this beach “God’s Garden”. The beach is nestled amongst high cliffs, surrounded by lush greenery and lapped by pristine water. It takes about half an hour to walk down to the beach once the asphalt road ends (driving by yourself is not recommended). 

3. Dhermi


Whilst beautiful, Dhermi has become slightly more popular with the Albanian residents and travellers. While this means you’ll be amazingly catered for by the improved touristic industry, it also means you’ll have to head away from the main beach to find the more secluded beaches. This doesn’t take away from the stunning scenery Dhermi offers, however. What’s really interesting is that you’ll find the Cave of Pirates here – supposedly the base of Haxhi Ali, the notorious Albanian pirate of the Mediterranean sea. It’s the largest cave of the Albanian coast and a worthy adventure. 

4. Karaburun Peninsula


On this stretch of coast, you’ll find several secluded beaches. The most popular are the Gulf of Gramës and the Gulf of St. Andrew. The locals say if you haven’t laid eyes on these beaches, you’ve not truly seen the beauty of Albania. White pebbled stretches and incredibly blue water, framed by greenery, makes this a magical place to spend the day.

5. The Blue Eye (Syri i Kalter)

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Whilst not technically a beach, this is an unmissable sight if you’re already in the south of Albania. This natural spring flows bright blue-green, fresh and sweet. In the midst of the river, it drops down almost a 45m deep, creating an incredibly dark blue hole they call “The Blue Eye”. 

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Last modified on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 16:39