Adventure in Albania - White Water Rafting

We’ve said before that there’s something for everyone in Albania – and if you’re a thrillseeker, this is definitely something for you.

White water rafting in the rapids of the Osumi Canyon has become popular in the last few years. The canyons are 26 km long, at an altitude of 450 m, and are thought to have been formed 2-3 million years ago by water erosion.

Fully professional river guides will take you on the most scenic route of the mighty canyons, and get your heart racing and blood pumping as you rush down. They’ll take you through underground passages and unexplored caves, as well as past eight beautiful waterfalls.  The rapids are Class II, so there is no need for prior experience. All of those looking for a thrill are welcome to take part in this activity.

The Osumi Canyons run through the town of Berat – so why not incorporate white water rafting in a day of exploring the beautiful “city of a thousand windows”? Click here for our article on what to see in Berat.


Outdoor Albania provides white-water rafting sessions for 39 Euro per person.

You can either join them on one of their scheduled departures or you can book this tour as a private departure.

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Last modified on Sunday, 11 March 2018 16:41